Saturday, January 22, 2011

Southern Ridges Trail - Alexandra- Henderson-Mount Faber

Venue- HortPark Alexandra
Destination - Vivocity

This was my 2nd walk for the new year~

I took some photos at hortpark before we embark on the trail..

heart shaped

Mushrooms after the rain..

never seen this 'mushroom' be4

Time for our walk!

My companions :)

big scary ant!

More insects along the way..

Finally we have arrived at Henderson
View from Henderson Wave Bridge

Let's take a break!

Not long after.. at Mount Faber!

mushrooms again..
these are called polypores

I love a good walk!

We have reached the end of the trail..

More walks ahead in the new year!


Miso said...

Where is your next walk destination? I hope to go more often for such walk too! :D
Next week probably going to the Sentosa Broadwalk first!

Eileen. 静 said...

:D was thinking going sungei buloh again ( went there 7 yrs ago!) or maybe changi.. I am tired of walking around shopping malls~ LOL