Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taiwan Food Festival @ Clark Quay i am back even earlier than I thought. In between my naps and intervals of tummy bloated-ness, I got really restless. This post took me a long time to complete as I couldn't sit too long..neither can I lie down too long when I am bloated. So between those lying downs and sitting ups.. I completed bloggin this.

As you look at the pictures here, the event would be over in a few hours.

I was down at Clark Quay/ Central Mall last Thursday for the " Taiwan Food Festival ".

Eileen ( Ng) , Wei ting & I met in the evening to sample some treats from Taiwan. With the 3 of us having been to Taiwan, we have a rough idea how much these snacks would have been in Taiwan.

Imagine our 'surprise' when we found out that prices of the food at the fair were on average 1.5 x to 2 x more expensive than what it would have cost in Taiwan. Ah but of coz isn't it? It's afterall 'imported' food.

Gotta purchase these coupon
first before you can get to eat!

Very delicious bubble teas
* not sure when I can drink tea again*

This is a simple but delicious snack
the thick broth inside the cut out bread
has chicken, peas n carrots
* tasted like Campbell soup *
Kinda silly but we paid $5 for this lor..
* can be easily made at home...*

there was a long q for this
we bought it too..
but it wasn't as tasty as
what we ate in Tai pei :P
plus the 'aroma' was not as smelly

I like this
oyster omelette
different from our local version
It is sweet, has bean sprouts :)
* $6*

Milk fish balls
we bough 5 of them
$1 each...

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Nikel Khor said...

very great festival to share out the nice food at taiwan