Sunday, September 26, 2010

The One who had a bad health episode

With the recent hospitalization , it has bring the number of times I have been warded to the nice number of 4.

This time round it wasn't a planned one unlike the previous 3 times.

A few days prior to my stay, I was plagued with a bad episode of back pains which stemmed from the neck and shoulders. I could feel the strain when I tried to bend my head downwards towards my chest. I seek medical attention from the polyclinic near my office and was given painkillers to ease my agonizing back pains . Come that saturday, 18 Sept, I woke up with the same dull ache on my back plus my stomach was bloated badly ( it resembled a tummy of 3 months pregnancy) . Yeah, I am still waiting for the full medical report that will be delivered to me next friday as to why anyone can bloat even on a empty tummy.

So I did feed myself some of my breakfast oats and a loud burp came out right after my 5 mouthful. That burp would be my cue to stop eating. I went on with the morning but couldn't managed to get out of my room as sitting was I tried lying down..which was not much of a relive given my back pains. Imagine some rocks on your back as you lie on your bed and when you tried to turn to your sides, the rocks were transferred to your tummy..pressing you. That was how bad it was.

I drifted off to sleep and only managed to have a few mouthful of porridge my mum cooked at 5 pm. I was still badly bloated and was burping as well. Thinking back...i prob.should not have eaten.

Everyone at home was preparing to attend a distant relative's wedding dinner and so came 7pm, it was just my brother attending to me. My heart was pumping fast, and my fingers were all stiff and clenched..I had no control over them, and that got me really worried.

I was already very groggy and feeling terribly sick and had wanted to visit the clinic that was supposed to open at 7pm on Saturdays. But that was never the case. Bloody clinic never did open ..we waited at home till 8pm mind you...and the sickening shutters remained shut!

So before I could drag my poor sick body to a 24 hour clinic, I have had some pukey feeling. So in to the toilet I go and slumped my body down to the bowl. Sat there for a mere 1 min but felt like eternity. I broke out in cold sweat as I sat there and fingers were clenched up and even had mild tremors.

I had to ask my brother to help me out and off we sped off in a cab to Raffles Hospital (they have a 24 hr medical center m it's just 5 mins from my place.. I couldn't bear the wait at TTSH ). I got to see the doc after 20mins and after accessing my condition, the doc decided it would be best for me to be warded. He also gave me an injection to clam me down as my blood pressure was far too high. My aunt and uncle arrived shortly n did the admissions for me.

Things got better when I climbed onto the bed in the 4 bedded ward but still feeling sick. Blood was taken for testing and I soon rested for the night as I was totally wiped out with the pain and shock. thankfully I had my phone with me and I could still seek solace

One of the perks of staying in a private hospital would be the wide range of food... With my gastric issues looming, the doc has given strict instructions as to what I could consume as I had more tests to undergo during my stay. So below are some photos of my meals during my stay...

My bloated tummy got better on Sunday morning

I managed to wolf down 2 of the sandwiches here
Delicious egg mayo

I opted for the chinese meal
lotus soup, steamed fish and veggie

Some friends came visiting
Dear Nicole n Chris came too...
bringing with them Maria:D

They were happily munching on grapes
which Wei ting bought for me..but sadly, it was
on the 'no no' food list. So I can't eat them

This was my sunday dinner
dory fish with pasta and boiled veg.
Nicole helped herself to the soup
since I couldn't possibly fininsh it all

Monday breakfast
was mushroom egg omelette n hash browns
I only ate the egg

I managed to eat almost half of the porridge here
for lunch :)

It has been a week since I was discharged and
I will be going for the review with the doc
next friday. .. Wish me luck!

Note to self :
Needs to excerise , cut down on junk food, watch diet
and stay healthy.

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