Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fruits Rojak @ Allenby Road ( Jalan besar)

It was all thanks to mr a who brought me to Earnest Coffeeshop at Allenby road for delicious black sauce wanton mee supper few years ago. The wanton mee still remains one of my fav. & I also introduce it to Chris and Mark whom both love it too :)

We drop by the coffeeshop for late dinner couple of weeks back and saw a new stall just a few steps away from the wanton mee

Here's the rojak stall
An elderly lady in is
manning the stall

We like it as the prawn sauce and
amount of peanut flakes is just appropriate
unlike some rojaks that are either too sweet
or too little peanut flakes.

Another draw to this rojak is that
it has lots of fruits.

The lady has included sour mango, guava & apples amongst
the other usual rojak essentials :)

I doubt I will be eating this rojak in the near
future.. my stomach needs a rest...
gonna miss this rojak :P

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