Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eileen's miscellany post

I was not too shocked that such a thing would happen to me. I am referring to my backache. I guess it is just a matter of time that I would be hit with such extreme pain ( in my opinion ) Everyone has different threshold for pain so what I experienced was quite painful.

The load we put on our shoulders and arms everyday , the way we sit, the way we stand , how we bend down to carry heavy stuff ...all these things plays a part in causing wear and tear to our backs.

After a day's rest at home, and 6 pain killers later, I am feeling better, pain still persisted but manageable. I can't carry my usual load on my shoulders anymore.. I have to pack light.. * sob*

Anyway.... this is such a random post. Am feeling restless.. oh well.. just gonna post some photos :) like I say..this post is very very random..


In case you don't know, next Wednesday would be mid autumn. The time of the year where everyone indulges in mooncakes. Yes, I have been 'gorging' on mooncakes these few days.. here are two that I have tried.

Single yolk lotus paste with macadamia nut
From Hua Ting restaurant

This is from Hotel Intercon.
Man Fu Yuan restaurant

We also bought the snowskin ones from Man Fu Yuan..
have eaten most of didn't get a
chance to take photos haha


I have not posted my shopping gains for a long time..

here are some of the things I bought recently

tote bag from the Museum!

Knitted top from Mango

tunic top from Isetan

Cute cat tee

My bro got this from Guam for me

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