Monday, June 14, 2010

SAM@8Q0- Art Garden, Children's Season

Photo log
Date: 11 June 2010 Friday
Venue : Singapore Art Museum (Sam@8Q )
Art Garden Children's season

There are currently 4 floors of exhibits at this former Catholic High turned museum. We chose to visit the museum on Friday evening because there is free admission from 6pm to 9pm :)

Walter resting outside of the museum
( by Dawn Ng )

The four levels of exhibits

This is Walter's Garden
( carpeted grass where u can sit around)

Nicole took this for us

Walter says hi

( i used to fold these origami flowers)
mechanical flowers that grow n bloom

You can fold a flower and
paste it on the wall
* they ran out of paper!*


Next stop

Enchanted Forest
(by Sandra Lee )
This is my favorite of all!

The pictures tell a story or
a nursery rhyme

How can you not like this place!?

There's pictures on the floor too!
i wonder why is the gingerbread man
floating in the stream.

Pond with koi, lily pads and frogs~

We really enjoyed ourselves in this
Enchanted Forest
Kudos to the artist who painstakingly
created this lovely place


4th floor!

Stop in here and get into the motion
(by Joo Choon Lin)

gruesome melted chocolate bugs

You're suppose to watch an
animated short film about the
chocolate monsters

The monsters u see in the basin are the
chocolate monsters...jelly-fied

chrissy and her friends...


Another big time favorite :D


you must have come across similar
"step and they disappear'
projected works at malls..

this one is absolutely beautiful

Check out the artist's website

This is an interactive art installation :)
Divert the water that 'gushes' out
from the waterfall to the forest
A tree will grow when you stand
still in front of the forest..

(Photo credit - Theodore Watson)


* catholic high was just 3 mins away from
my former sec. school. I used to go there for
some sort of lessons.. can't quite remember what
lessons were they *

SAM (8Q) is located at
8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535.

Free admission to SAM every Friday from 6pm to 9pm
Otherwise, usual fees applies.

Exhibit ends on 18 July 2010


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wow the museum looks nice! i would wanna go there too! and you have one long introduction in ur comment box lol

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like the artwork and design =)

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DO visit mine.!
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