Wednesday, June 09, 2010

1960 Exhibit at Singapore National Museum

Venue- National Museum
-Singapore 1960 Exhibition

The latest free exhibit at the Museum showcases the bits and pieces of Singapore (politically and culturally )in the 1960s . It was an era where much changes took place and an era where Singapore became independent.

It's the neon light era..
cabaret and live shows

there were 'topless' live shows
at Neptune

I was intrigued by how small
the waist line was ..
Yes, many times I was told by mum and aunts
how tiny their waist lines were when they were young ladies
in the 1960s...

Kebayas in the 60s

Remember the Haw Paw Villa sign board?
It was the Universal Studio of the 60s

There was a large wall filled with
print outs of random newspapers
It was quite a delight reading them..

announced to the world
that you are married!


He was still Mr Lee back then

Ben Hur

ooh look
erm.. it doesn't look
too comfy...
teenage bras :P

Days before anti smoking campaigns

The chinese literature area
It showcases some books of that decade


Zubir Said’s piano
This 100-year-old Strohmenger grand piano
belonged to the late Zubir Said,
who had used it to compose Singapore’s National Anthem in 1959

Lee Kuan Yew’s swearing-in as
Prime Minister of Singapore on 5 June 1959

This is known as a diorama
It is a three dimensional representation of a scene or moment in history and was a popular museological device used by history museums in the 1980s.
This scene depicts the people of Singapore discussing the Merger issues with the Federation on the streets.

Coffeeshop cups!
I love them all

The tiger has been
around for ages!

Check out the types of food offered by
a restaurant in Seletar Family Club

see the underlined
Grilled Kidney!~?
Grilled Rump Steak!?
Has anyone tried them before?


Audio cup
lift it up ...
put it to your hear...
hear an interview

Reminds me of the cup 'phones'
i used to play with my aunts
& brother when I was a child

I enjoyed this exhibit alot..

I am sure you will like it too...
bring your parents!
I am sure it will bring back many wonderful
memories for them...

I wouldn't mind going again ...
will bring my mum and aunt perhaps :)

Singapore 1960

3 June – 22 August 2010

The National Museum of Singapore


Modery said...

Very interesting, I'm pretty sure I won't need to convince Wenna to go there with me.

As for Grilled Kidney, I had kidney quite often in Germany. Cut into smaller pieces, cooked in a pan with some special sauce (don't know what kind of sauce, but I love it!)
Never had it in Singapore, though

suhaisweet said...

nice n3..visit mine if free k.;D

rinaz said...

I wish I was there! :-)

Eileen. 静 said...

rene yeah..i never had grilled kidneys b4! yes yes. u have to go with Wenna.. it'll be fun :D

suhaisweet sure thing! thanks for dropping by

rinaz you would have love it too :D