Sunday, May 09, 2010

Visiting Chris at SGH ( slipped disk surgery )

Just 2 days ago, dear friend Christine had her surgery to fix her 'slipped disk' which has been causing her sleepless nights, sharp pains and numbness to her feet. It started from backaches and when she sought help from medical professionals , she was told that it could possible be a slipped disc issue. To cut the story short, she had laparoscopic surgery to finally remove the jelly like tissue that has 'leaked' . ( the doc actually gave her a small sample of it was placed in a container.. looks like chilli with garlic haahaha ..eek )

The leaking jellylike substance can place pressure on the spinal cord or on a single nerve fiber and cause symptoms of pain either around the damaged disk or anywhere along the area controlled by that nerve. If you do feel strain on your lower back for a while, do not just ignore it. It's best to seek medical help early rather than when it's too late :) Do not try to lift a object that is too heavy and if you have to pick up things from the ground, bend down properly and don't strain your back. Good posture is impt! ( reminds myself too)

So yeah, I went to SGH to visit her after work on Friday. She has the most visitors around her bed that evening :D Can I just say that I don't like SGH at all! It was such a tiring walk from the MRT. It doesn't matter if you exit from the NEL line or the other line coz you still have to go upslope towards the wards... sob. I was perspiring by the time when I reached the lobby and yet to be met with another wave of still air as the lobby of SGH isn't air condition like TTSH.

Oh, and visitation timings are rather restricted at SGH. We were told to leave at 10.30pm. It's a different story at TTSH ( which i have stayed on 2 occasions ) As long as your visitors are not noisy nor causing disturbance to your ward neighbours, they are allowed to stay as long as they like!

The happy patient and her visitors!
me, maria and conz

Nicole was there too.. seen here with her maria jie jie

Chris is now back at home and will be on mc for a month~ :} Glad that all went wel for her.. Not all slipped disks have to be relived with surgery.. sometimes it's a mild case so it depends on individuals
read here for more info on "Slipped Disk"


We were at TCC ( next to Isetan Scotts )
just last week...
Gotta while for awhile b4 we can
have a night out again :P

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