Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of food and Saturday gloominess

I have to say no to the following yummy food for awhile. It's a saturday and yours truly here is down with gastritis. I am also $50 poorer after consulting the only doctor whose clinic is open for business on a saturday afternoon. I am not only having tummy pains but also heart pain. * Cries*

so many types of pills...

Crystal Jade XLB

With the usual bunch.. plus Maria :D

Don't they look like a family?
Mummy and two children ^_^

I wore a new top from Bershka ( they are the owner of Zara)
that explains why the styles of both Zara TRF and Bershka are pretty similar

Our all time favorites :D

Wisma Atria Food Republic

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

This is one of my fav. japanese eatery . They can be found at both Wisma and Suntec Food Republic.

this shiok maki made headlines
years ago.. it's still delicious!
but the sauce can be a overkill


I had my appendix removed exactly a year ago.
And a year later, I am feeling unwell on this day.. about coincidence...
the rain only adds on to the gloomy feeling i am having now..

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