Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pls dun hurt my eyes with your fashion faux pas

( DISCLAIMER -To new readers/ passerby strangers or those pretending to be some fashion geniuses : I am no fashion guru, I just wear what I think suits me n clothes I feel comfortable in . Do not bother telling me what to wear and what not to wear.. coz I don't really care what you think :) )

Fashion faux pas -- I am sure all of us have made bad judgment calls when it comes to fashion and the clothes we wear. I have bad dress sense days especially on mornings when I wake up very unwillingly and simple could not be bothered to team my clothes, bag nor shoes. Come to think of it, it's more of my laziness and the lack of motivation that made me slack in the way I dress for the day..not really much of a fashion faux pas.

You know how in the not so long ago years when ladies love wearing black bras with see thru blouses? Yeah.. that was an eye sore . How about VPL( visible panty line )? I think it's a little forgivable when it happens on the older the baby boomers ( 45 and above? ) . But it's kinda unsightly to see it on a young lady. There are plenty of non vpl panties there is always g strings :P so i think this issue is easily avoidable.

And pls just dump the pair of pants if it gets too snug in the waist area. Why squeeze into a pair of 'S' when u are in fact a 'L' ? It just brings out all your jiggly bits and brings attention to your flaws. The same goes for way too tight shirts and tops. Looking like a 'ba zhang' is not the smartest way to impress your bf's parents.

I sometimes don't know where to place my eyes when riding on the escalator, so I love looking around. My eyes sometimes would catch a glimpse of the people 'ahead ' of me on the escalator. If I can have a $1 for every 'run light ' ( zao geng) I have seen of those females 'ahead' of me.. I would have been very rich by now. The best part about girls who wear short skirts are ...they love tugging at it! Girls , if you wanna wear it, then forget about pulling and tugging at it while walking. If you know it's too short or too small, why are u torturing yourself? ( I know some girls enjoy teasing men out there with their zao geng.. yes there are such girls out there.. )

Another thing that makes me go 'eek' is when girls piled too much acessories on themselves. Imagine this --there is the spectales, there is the dangling earrings, then there is the long necklace hanging on her neck, oh... might as well throw on the hairband! * slaps forehead* Why do they think that more is better? If you are a specky girl, then pls, just wear studs. Don't wear long dangling ones already. Christmas only happens once a year and leave the decorations on the xmas tree.

I embrace the leggings/ tights only just last year. I was quite hestiant on wearing them, for I am , well, height challanged..hence have short legs. * sigh* But after seeing how easy they are to wear, and how some of my friends ( Chris & Liz to name a couple ) swear by them, I decided to give it a go :P and yeah, I now own a few pairs of leggings and tights :D

Yes, they may be easy to wear , it doesn't mean one should abuse them! Liz and I witnessed a sight that nearly runied our lunch just two days ago.

It was lunch time in Novena area. It was lunch time at a popular fish bee hoon coffeeshop in Novena area. I am just trying to emphasis on how crowded the place was when this ugly human exhibit waddled past us. This female specimen in question was wearing a pair of purple leggings with a tee shirt . Very ordinary and common you say.

Did I mention what caught Liz and my eyes? It was the very fact that we could see the frontal 'outline'!!! THat's because her tee shirt ends at her waist. Our jaws dropped and liz and I looked at each other in disbelief. Her jiggly bits were out in the world for all to see. It was pure UGLY. Her bum was uncovered.. That is NO way how leggings should be worn! If leggings were meant to be worn as pants..then hello! they would be called pants!

Leggings goes well with tunics, long teeshirts, short dresses, and sometimes can team with demin skirts too. But pls!!! wear something that covers your bum and ahem..your front! We could make out the ' Y ' shape liao!! spare a thought for the general public!! Do not go around hurting our eyes..

Don't even get me started on showing off your bra straps. There is a reason why there is strapless bra. If you really think that your assets are not well supported with a strapless bra, then pls , use the transparent straps..but seriously, I find them unsightly too.

With the in flux of foreign talents into our small island, it's no wonder that there are more and more strange dressings appearing on the streets. The clothes we wear says alot about ourselves and how we want others to see us. It depends of coz on what kind of message and signals you wanna send across.

Okay . I am tired now.
Boy has it been a long entry.. I hope u had fun reading!


deedee said...

I wear specs everyday and hence my dangling earrings are always having their off days at home... makes me wonder why I bought so many of them but yes, I don't wear dangling earrings with my specs, I think that will just make the face look too cluttered!!

And yes I've seen girls and aunties wearing leggings as pants. Very unsightly. Even once when the girl's top was so short, she exposed the midriff above the leggings. Really... ahhh my eyes! And another time I saw this old auntie teaming a short and loud body-hugging top with skin colour leggings, it's almost like she's only wearing the top and walking around half-naked. Sometimes really can't believe what I see is really happening on the streets!!

Well written entry, I like~ (^_^)

山龟 said...

hahaha, I like what u wrote, hehehehe.. :)

Julian said...

Ha ha ha you saw her camel toe eh? For some guys it's a turn on but not ms lol

Eileen. 静 said...

deedee--- yeah.. sometimes i wouldn't even wear any earrings if i am wearing glasses coz i feel that there might be too many things on my upper part :P some aunties may think that what they wear is considered 'fashionable' but little did they know that people are pointing fingers at them ahhah.

ivy - thanks! glad u enjoyed reading it

jules- eeks that term again.. yes liz and i saw that la.. super gross!!

Moe Ahmat said...

fun post! some of it are true esp about the legging! Nice one! enjoy reading it! Cheers!