Sunday, March 28, 2010

I wish for more healthy food for lunch

Due to work , I am sometimes force to eat unhealthy food for lunch. One good example would be fast food. Just in the past two weeks, our office has called for mc delivery twice!~ Yes, once a week. I mean on both occasions the weather was bad . One day was scorching hot and the other was pouring cats and dogs .

And when I can, I would eat soupy food or go home for dinner. The food around my office irks me ( unless i take the effort to walk out with an umbrella to the market 5 mins away ) and there are days I just drink a hot beverage and go without lunch or buy a sandwich in the morning for lunch.

Was happy to see mum's curry chicken
when I came home late one night..

managed to load up on veggie

I need to be more responsible for my health and body

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