Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend randomness

Somehow last Friday completely burned me out. 4 hours in the recording studio was a drag.. had to rush back to office to attend to another issue totally wiped me out. At the end of the day, I was totally drained. Thankfully my nemesis didn't bother me with any of his nonsenses that day, else I would have collapsed.

Have u had such a day that you really feel that there is nothing left in you? That was my friday.

The minute I left the office premise, I felt much better. The suffocating feeling and tiredness left me bit by bit. I was happy to be meeting two good friends in town.

It was a gathering that did not happen. Was suppose to meet the group..but ended up only with 3 of us :P I guess the rapport we built is somewhat depreciating as the years ago by. I am referring to my stomp group of friends. Well, at least we did share some happy moments together :)

Dinner was settled at 313 's Food Republic . The food court takes up the whole of the top level. Food stalls there are more or less the same as those found the other Food Republic.
Liz and I just had to shop after dinner and poor Ivan had to wait for us :P

We finally rest our tired feet at
Coffee club

can u tell how tired i was?
it was a nice place...we love the breeze

Ivan's candid shot :P


Here's a blast from the past......

me with an ice cream cone in hand,
posing with the xmas tree in junction 8
15 years ago

All wrapped and ready to be handed to their
respective 'owners'~ !

My jaws dropped as I saw this
article in the Straits Times yesterday ( 19 Dec Saturday )
It was about people getting hurt and injured by HDB dwellers
and the dangers that lurked in the estates.
My estate was mentioned twice!
* Reminds me self to buy a safety helmet *

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