Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 days to Xmas

I just checked the number of blogs I've posted here and it has scaled to the grand amount of 988! :) Just another 22 12 more entries to go before I hit 1000 :) Am quite pleased with myself for being able to upkeep this blog. Mine is just one of the millions and even though not many read it, I am still happy to write about my experiences and blog about my favorite things :)

How's the festive shopping coming along? I know I have some more to do as there are still presents to be bought. I just hope with the year end work load piling up, I am still able to finish with presents and have enough rest mentally and physically before we bid 2009 goodbye . It's just a week to Christmas and 2 weeks to 2010~


naitnix said...

It's going to be faster than you thought, beacuse it's 12 more posts, not 22!

Eileen. 静 said...

ah.. i must have typed wrongly..haahahhaa..thanks