Monday, September 21, 2009

Of 1 Caramel indulgences

If you have been peeking in here everyday, hoping to see a new entry; I really appreciate that! I have been wanting to do up a new entry , just that there were too many "distractions' over the weekend plus I had a horrible headache on Sunday, so I kinda slept off my Sunday morning and afternoon. So here's a quick breakdown of what I have been doing/eating/watching :P

Wednesday 16 Sept

1 Caramel lies just stone's throw from Cathay movie theaters . It's clean cut appearance makes it enough to attract people to take a peek at what the cafe has to offer.

It is managed by the same people who brought us One Rochester as well as 1 twenty six ( love the ambiance at both places ) . I have been wanting to try out this place the very first time I walked pass it few months ago. ( 1 Caramel is about 3 months old ) .

What's on the menu are mostly desserts n cakes, however, they do have a small selection of savories as well as set meals which are reasonably priced ( can't give reviews on the savories as we were not there for that :P )

Sharing a moment with Sharon
Perhaps u can't detect my fatigue, nor
my pounding headache from the picture
but they were my companion for the day

of the cakes we tried, I love this the most
Chocolate Berry Lust
Delicious Valrhona chocolate with a
generous amount of berries
The combination of the chocolate and sweet sourish berries
goes a long way :)

Have a cuppa...

The interesting part about this souffle
is that there is miso added to it :)
The salty hint of miso, combined with the
sweet fluffy egg white base
makes this dessert rather unique.
It is served with a scoop of sweet sourish yuzu ice cream.
Eat them at the same time for that special
burst of flavors in your taste buds

Love the crispy crust and soft texture,
can be slightly moist compared to other souffle
but I like it :)

ho ho ho!~
Christmas arrives a tad tiny weeny early~
Sugar coated snowman anyone?

#01-01A The Luxe
6 Handy Road
(right next to Picture house Cathay )

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