Wednesday, November 04, 2009

b.e.e_z.z.z weekend Part 1 - Mouth Restaurant Dim Sum

Saturday 31 oct

Mouth Restaurant

Eileen Ng gathered me and Wei Ting for a morning dimsum session at Mouth Restaurant as there was credit card promotion. So it was off to Chinatown at 10am :)

Baby Xenia came along too with Eileen and her hubby. She was in her inquisitive mood, eyes darting around the unfamiliar environment, taking in the sights and sounds :)

Mummy and Baby

Dim sum selection at Mouth Restaurant is surprising good

Dry ice chilling the mango pomelo!
we were surprised with the presentation :) wasn't expecting it :)

Note that the edible part is the top dish and not the bottom bowl..that is where the dry ice is..

Ending it off with a picture with Eileen and cutie Xenia :) It was time well spent with my friends~

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