Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy birthday Brother!

Are you seated comfortably? Please do so if you are not. That's because I am gonna bring u back in time. Well, not to worry, we are not going to see your horror hair do for your prom nor that ugly tight jeans with big loose shirt you worn 20 years ago. What you are gonna see is a picture of me and my brother~

Let's go back to 24 years ago.. get ready for the time warp.. everything is hazy and memories all juggled and mixed up. Are you lost already? It would be the year 1985. Yes, I do realised some of you are not even conceived/ fertilized...not even a zygote yet.

Those were good years..the 80's. It was the years of the centerpoint kids, the years of the Swing singapore, to which I never attended , not even once. ( A stretch of Orchard Rd. was closed for one Saturday night, and music would blast thru out the night and everyone gets to party on the streets~) So many good and fun things happened during the 80s.

I have digressed. * Get back on track Eileen!~*

Today, 29 Oct is my brother's Birthday.. and yet, i have chosen a photo of my birthday way back in 1985.

Why so you asked.

Can you see how happy my brother is in the photo? As compared to the birthday girl? Hahahha. Am I fashionable? . Look at that dress, look at those sleeves.. It screams me doesn't it? ( those who knows my style.... now you know it went way back..) Yet, that face doesn't go with the whole outfit.

On the other hand, my brother looked so happy and has this funny twinkle in the picture. So I thought this picture really do my brother justice~ :) We had so much fun while growing up. Those silly chats in our grandma's, before we sleep, lying side by side on the mattress. Like I say, the memories are hazy, I can't remember our ages then. In fact, we still have fun till today. What can i say, he is my brother :)
Happy Birthday Eddie!

In case you are wondering, that was a blueberry cake ; mum and aunts whipped out all my - baked beans and chicken wings among others.


Eddie Lim said...

Thanks so much =) *love & hugs*

Baguita said...

Hey Eileen jiejie!!!
Your face is soooo cute! Wahahahaha!