Thursday, September 03, 2009

The One who Watched The Time Traveler's WIfe

It was all thanks to Lynn who recommended me the book... way back in 2005. She was even the one whom I borrowed the book from ( I got my own copy 2 years ago , in 2007) .

Here's the entry where I jotted down about me reading and crying over it
. It was just a one liner back in that entry.

I read the book for the 2nd time last year after purchasing my own copy :) It still left an aching sad feeling in me even though it was the 2nd read. I still teared as I flipped the pages and got myself immersed in the story. It was a bitter sweet tale of how a boy was able to transient into the past and future , and how a young girl met and fell in love with the time traveller.

Of coz I was elated when I heard that Hollywood has decided to make a movie out of the story.

I love this movie poster
In German
I have been kinda warned not to have high hopes for the movie, so I entered the theater with little expectations :P

Well, the gist of the story was there of coz. Everything was beautiful..the scenes and backdrops were nice and dreamy..just like how it was in the book. However, the movie didn't moved me the way the book did.

Straits Times Life gave the movie 2 /5 stars for having dull dialogue between the two lead characters , Henry and Clare. Hmm.. personally I found it okay. I always take critics' views with a pinch of salt. I mean they are bound to have their own biasness :}

I find the movie watchable..but perhaps not quite worth $9.50 during the weekends :P Go mon- wed :P

6 year old Clare and 37 yr old Henry

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