Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun filled long weekend :)

Now, let's continue with my indulgence shall we? Yeah, too much junk food I tell ya!

Friday 18 Sept
It was Wine and Food night over at Constance's place. She and Chris invited me to join some of her colleagues for dinner. Dinner was yet another sinful one only one dish being somewhat healthy.

Here is Chris' well liked melted cheese over beef stuffed sausages :) It is really good.. best if eaten hot. Oh, we contributed the salmon sashimi too :)

Constance's fav. KFC

Pizzas in XL size.. two of them!

two of the ladies prepared
the only healthy dish

dinner was washed down with these
love it!

another sweet wine..
slightly bitter

We played a few rounds of Taboo
and it was Ice cream time after that!

great stuff from Daily Scoops

Had a fun time hanging out
that's Edison and Nicole 'bullying' me :P

Meet Teri the
feisty dog!

Oops..the guys are not
in this pic :P
I had a fun time


19 Sept 2009 Saturday was my Dad's birthday , but we only kinda celebrated for him over dinner on 20th Sept Sunday :) Here's what we ate * photos taken by my brother*

pork ribs


Some shellfish
lala :P

三捞hor fun

my fav. cereal prawns!


Julian said...

Moscato is one of my favourites for white wine, easy on the palette and sweet. Perhaps the food left a bitter taste on your tongue? Because it is highly unlikely for the wine to have a bitter after taste.

Another white you should try is Nedburg's Special Late Harvest! ;)

Julian said...

Oops just saw that your taglines are on top of the pics and not below like in mine....ha ha! Anyhow when will I see you again?

Eileen. 静 said...


it was the other wine that was slightly bitter :) ...yeah..i normally write my captions on top of the photo..instead of the other way round :P hehe

Sure thing..i will try to arrange something soon k?

June said...

I love Brown Brothers Moscato too! =) And after seeing your picture, i got cravings for cereal prawns! Hee....

Eileen. 静 said...

June-- The wine is light and sweet! and i don't turn red after drinking! ehehe