Saturday, August 01, 2009

Eileen's Birth Anniversary I -- Tea time @ TWG Tea Salon

It was the perfect tea time setting, complete with desserts and a very extensive range of teas to choose from! I have done my homework well in searching for a new place to spend the afternoon with Ruth :)

Both of us love the decor and ambience of the cozy tea salon. It has a nice classic feel to it and it does has this uppity feeling at first, but as we settled down, it was quite okay actually :P Perhaps that's how they wanna place themselves at..the upper class , after all, their next outlet will be open on the 3rd level of Ion Orchard :) There's a wide range of cliental. All the tables were full when we were there that day :) ( prob. about 12 tables ) There were the CBD white collars, to the stern looking professionals, to couples as well as ladies like us !

Service was prompt and the lady server who assisted us was friendly and had good product knowledge :)

Prices for the tea sets are reasonable; we both had the same tea set- one pot of tea ( up to $9.50, u top up the extra if you choose a tea that is more than $9.50 ) plus a slice of cake/tart from the patisserie.

looking good in blue!

Me in black!
and very 'unruly' hair!

Nice huh?
Doesn't it has the 18 century feel :]
we're just lacking of the Victorian dresses :P

Teas are the star here!

Ruth's in love with the giant tea canister
It cost about $15,000 , including the tea inside

Before we place our orders, the tea staff was quick to bring us
metal canister which contains our choice of tea for us to 'sniff'
heheeh.. I had the "happy birthday ''tea( exclusive tea blend) ,
while Ruth picked the Orange Blossom Oolong
Happy birthday tea-- black fruity berry tea

Next comes the cakes
I can't remember the names now
All their desserts are infused with tea :)

This has a slight after taste to it..
one which neither of us could tell what was it
We reckon it could be the tea

We were there for a good 2 hours and we wondered where did time go!? It went by too fast..far too fast!

You can buy the tea leaves in grams
Prices differ with the different grades of tea

It was money well spent. We had a wonderful time, immersing in the
ambience as well as enjoying each other's company!


MKL said...

I love tea and tea sets. That one looks very beautiful. Wish I had that tea with you ^^

Eileen. 静 said...

thanks again for dropping by

yea.. the tea set looks nice:)