Friday, July 31, 2009

Sizziler Dinner with Colleagues

Do you have colleagues that you simply can't stand and wish that you don't have to work with that person ever ? Thankfully I do not have such a colleague ( at the moment! haaha). The people I work with have so far been fun and manageable. Of course the usual ups and downs as seen in most office environment is quite unavoidable. It all boils down to interpersonal and communication skills.

We meet our co workers everyday ( for most of us that us, unless working part time, shift work)
and it is difficult not to form some sort of bond with these people. Dear Hui Zi , who was helping us out with telemarketing has come to an end with her stay in our office. She has provided me with laughters and help and we have became good friends over the 2 mths :)

I know I don't usually talk much about work here. So I am gonna make this a one off thing.. haha. Just check out the photos..

Donut time!

Hui zi and I in the office..
oh...that's the driving range behind us

monkeying in the office

Being her last day at work, Hui zi treated us to
pineapple tarts and curry puffs!
* thanks gal!*

We had "farewell to Hui zi " at
Sizzler Toa Payoh
sweet girl on my right is Edith

Food was rather yummy~
the chowder and bread is good!
Plus the free flow of salad bar's thumbs up :)
We all had our fill!

This was my main course
Steak and prawns : I had steak medium was soft and juicy
Prawns were great with loads of garlic n butter! The baked potato's lacking of bacon bits..but
nevertheless I still gobbled it up :P

Free flow of soft ice too!
he made this for me.. duh..

I was really full at the can see that can't you? I had two rounds of salad bar , main course, plus that ice cream! wooooh!~ F. A. T

Some candid shots during dinner..

Huizi and Edith were playing around with my phone
this was one of the template photos they took
* hear no evil *

See u soon Huizi! we miss you :)

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