Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where art thou sunshine... ?

As I looked back my archives , I realised I was churning out more entries in the past. I am thankful to my regulars ( I know who u are from your IP hehe :P ) for checking back here and reading up on my mundane and somewhat monochromatic life and thoughts. I need to inject some buzz and creativity in my writings..not that there is a dire need , it's just a personal issue. I want to feel good about what I blog about.

A sense of imbalance has washed up upon my shores... been trying to fight it off, yet it was made worst by a dream just hours ago. The anguish and heartache overwhelmed me so much that I woke up with a pain in my heart and a sour lump in my throat.

I heaved a breath of relief after realising it was just but a dream. Nevertheless, it is as real as it can be. Much as I wanna spend more time here today, the impending medical appointment beckons.

More will be told in due time.

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