Monday, June 01, 2009

Well Spent Weekend


spent the day out ...on a shoot..

where might this be ?

out in the hot sun..

never seen this sweetener before
have you?

Nice fluffy clouds


possibly ashtray
so cutesy!

Eileen's Food Basket

Hunger strikes on a hot Saturday afternoon

delicious spicy pork sausage

Get it here
Sosis by Shiraz
Clark quay
Block D #01-14

Friday Dinner
Song Fa Ba kut teh

My aunt has been telling me how much she likes this ba kut teh. So as we travelled down Hill Street, deciding where to go for dinner, I immediately thought of this place.

I am not really a big fan of peppery ba kut teh soup, but i am big pork ribs fan :P This place is always filled with customers, be it day or night. It is always crowded whenever I pass by it.

Service was fast , much to our surprise. We ordered a small plate of peanuts, salted veggie, two bowls of bkt and one plate of pig trotters.

can u see the plate of pig trotters? It was really fatty! not much of meat.. I kinda snitched abit of the fatty part and it has this distinctive fatty but yummy flavor :P

Like I say, I am not a big fan of peppery soup... the soup here was kinda peppery to me.. But they were prompt when it comes to asking for refills. I had two refills while he has three.

It was a so so meal .. nothing to sing about :P Oh, just my observation, most of the servers there are foreign talents .


Dinner at 126

It was great catching up with the guys over dimsum on Sunday evening. They ( James, Alvin and Gabe) were out watching Terminator* yawn* ..after which they swing by my place to pick me up for dinner :)

Match made in heaven?
i mean men and food :P
just look at their happy faces

Just realised no pics of me and James :X
Simply love the fare at 126..
Hey guys, don't forget what we talked
about over soya bean drink..
*wink wink*


was at Tangs sales last week
Totally love the big fitting
rooms at the lingerie dept.
( June, if u are reading this...see..the same
fitting room as yours hehe )


Gaβe said...

What did we talked over dinner? Durian? kekekeke

Eileen. 静 said...

u me and alvin will go for sdu activities hhahhaa :P and yes~ durians :P we should have a durian eating session