Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am late and still blogging..

I finally did what I planned to many moons ago. A handful of you know where my office is..and that I have to take 2 bus services plus walk a 6 mins distance in. It finally happened :) Instead of taking the feeder bus, I have decided to walk in . Afterall, it saves me time from having to wait for the feeder bus at the interchange. To walk from the PIE bus stop to the office takes me 10mins :) and it's a great way to exercise

Part One- let's get across...

Part two-Strong UV rays...
See the path on the left?
I have to walk to the end..


Too many buttons and knobs!
NOT fun at all..


citizens still need the lion to remind
them to be nice and courteous

It's a very simple thing..act of kindness.. it doesn't take great effort. I have witnessed it almost everyday.. it is so negligible that we failed to see it at times.

I saw a young man helping a mum carry her baby's pram when she alighted the bus with baby in her arms. I saw an old man helping a visually handicapped man with the directions. I saw how a young lady gave her seat up to the old granny on the bus. I saw the smiles on their faces.

I once boarded a bus without topping up my card, and no spare change as well. A student saw how i was fumbling for coins graciously handed me some coins for my fare. I was deeply touched by that.


Many a times you have tried to break away from the cycle
Many a times you found yourself getting back inside..
The answers are clear in front of you,
do not let the invisible veil hinder you from facing the truth

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