Monday, March 09, 2009

The day that stupid men made me pissed off big time!!!

* this is a ranting entry*

Never mind that I have already lugged all the equipments ( * one duffle bag slung on left shoulder, one laptop bag slung across my left shoulder, one 8 kg equipment in paper bag hanging on my arm, another duffle bag on my right hand*) out of the office and was staggering my way towards the lift

Never mind that I have already called for a cab and has just 1 min. to cancel it

If he wants something done, it shall be done..

So back to office I went , with an aching shoulder , placed all the rented equipments down and proceeded to cancel the cab and finished the assigned last minute task. * I somehow believed I am quite an amazing person.. *

And off I go again..with the same heavy load on my limbs and body... called for a cab again..making my way down .

Cabby refused to lift his golden fingers to help with my baggage.. He just sat there in his golden throne while I heaved the bags into the boot. I was of two minds to report him...but decided to let him off * must do a good deed in a day * Besides..the company would prob. just warn him off.. nothing much can be done. * Edited at 9.50am--And that point in time I didn't give two crap if he has any disabilities of sort least i know he isn't crippled since he could drive .. so come kill me :P *

Upon reaching my destination, I told him to come out of his cab to help with my stuff.. which he did la.. What to do, people of his race inconsiderate people like him is like that. * DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS..I DIDN"T SAY WHICH RACE!!!!* 本小姐 is not in the best of moods as you can obviously read*

My morning came to an end as I trotted down Sophie Road. I spotted the Selegie bean curd at the corner, and thus treated myself to a nice silky bowl of bean curd.


Just as I thought my day should only get better, stupid things just has to come my way. My tummy was growling for food at 2pm. There isn't much to eat around the office, except for the coffeeshop 3 min away. I would be happy to walk out to the market outside, but alas, it was raining. So coffeeshop it was. As I was queuing to pay for my food and drink, the uncle at the counter saw a red spot at the counter top. I was quite oblivious to that and had no idea what he was about to do next.

说时迟,那时快, that TMD old man had to use his stupid fingers to flick at the red spot, which happened to be chilli, causing it to splatter onto my pink teeshirt!!!!!

I was shocked beyond words, but soon found my tongue!

"UNCLE!!... 你看!! 你在做什么!!!?!(what are you doing!!?) " I yelled at him.

I was really furious .. there were dots of red on my teeshirt. That old man tried to offer me his dirty table cloth but no way am i gonna touch that piece of dirt! I asked for tissue instead.

Solly leh.. 我以为是饭..( I thought it was rice) " he apologized. But hey! even if it was rice, why do u have to bloody freaking flick it towards me!?!?!? Obviously he needs to get his eyes check!! Perhaps his aging brains check too!

" 你不能用布抹掉吗?? 你看我的衣服!!! “ ( can't you wipe it away with the cloth? Look at my teeshirt!)

Honestly the mentality of these people ...i can't fathom.

* right at this moment as i finished typing the above sentence.. my phone rang. It's 10.35 pm ...Guess what! Financial adviser Jessie calling me up ! * NO NO NO... I have no wish to entertain such people! But I know how it is to be treated rudely, and no i never talk rudely to these people.. so I told her nicely that I had a lllooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg day.. and have no wish to chat. *

The episode at the coffee shop concluded with me stomping off to my office to wash up.. I can't afford to delay..such stains are hard to remove if left too long .. It's one of my fav. teeshirt! Why why why!?? STUPID OLD MAN! STUPID! Did he even use his brains when he did that action!? DID HE? I have been eating at this coffee shop for the past yr! gosh! I should try flicking some rice and chilli back at him someday! Of coz you say the action wasn't intention... just my bad luck for being there at that time..right?!

* time out for shower and wash up*

Would u have stayed calm if it happen to you? Honestly touch your heart and tell me! I mean , I can't really scold that old man, coz what's done is done.. but don't tell me that you wouldn't be the slightest angry if it happens to you. Don't you people try to act saintly... coz it hasn't happen on you yet!

How about that day, Mark , Chrissy and I were having durians 'al fresco' under a sparsely branch out tree . We were cracking silly jokes and laughing really loud. It was a carefree night... and suddenly..Mark yelled out.. and gingerly touched his head. Our hearty laugher apparently didn't go down very well with the birds! One of them decided to attack Mark by bombing poo on him. You bet Chris and I ran for our lifes.. and couldn't stop laughing at the odds of that happening.

But at the very moment, Mark was feeling dirty and tried his best to wash off the waste matter. To me , it was funny, but to Mark, of coz he was angry and at the same time feeling silly. So you get my drift? We have to put ourselves in his shoes; I would have reacted the same way as him or even worst ahahaa.

Okay.. enough of shit for now. All these anger is bad for health! Bear with me.. I seldom rant on my blog..

Well..I am done for now..i hope u have been entertained :P


Alvin Ng said...

Sucks. Well we all have days like these.

Chrissy said...

I would have kicked him real hard in the butt and make sure he flies up there and never come back! wahahahhaaa....bad!

Julian said...

"It's a small matter only when it doesn't happen to you."

Well cab drivers aren't obligated to help with heavy equipment, but if they do help then well they exemplify good service and perhaps human decency. There are some however with their own ailings which might prevent them from helping, will they have to make it known? (not referring to the one you encountered)

As for the old man, well he was just plain inconsiderate or perhaps just lacked common sense. Overall I think you exploded due to the build up which started early in the day. And Yes it is/was your favorite tee.

If we could just take deep breaths and let negativity go when it happens perhaps we would be in better control of our emotions.

Easier said than done! ;)

Eileen. 静 said...

alvin- of those days for sure!

chris- hahhhaa..only in cartoons can we see that :P

julian - understand that some cabbies may be old.. but guess my brains isn't tune to that at that moment..

and yeah.if i can do that..then i would have attain sainthood :P

cOnZ said...

LOL! was i entertained! ;P