Saturday, March 07, 2009

The one who wore 3 layers of clothing in Singapore

* eileen peers into the mirror, and gasped in horror upon seeing the dark eye bags forming under her tired eyes...*

I have been working late couple nights in the past week..and hasn't been home for dinner for the longest time as well. Next week should be better :P

It has been a roller coaster week for me.. That's all I am willing to say here.. Those who knows, knows. Those who doesn't.. doesn't :P

Enough of me being so vague...why am I even typing all these irrelevant matters here.

Hey, I have been contributing to the frail economy in the past week... Let's take a look at the different ways one can do that ~ :P

First up~!

New York New York Deli @ Centerpoint basement

Saturday 22nd Feb
Late lunch with Liz

I had very little sleep the night before.. work being the reason why.. my tiredness is written all over my face..

This is my first time at New York New York Deli.. I have not even tried New york new york .. I heard the portions are rather big :)

Food at the deli is rather delectable and it isn't heavy on the wallet as well.

Mo Mushroom Sandwich
It was really good.. liz loved the sandwich too
See the little mug? It contains mushroom soup~
Not much but it was a nice touch!

This chocolaty drink really made my day

This is good.. light and healthy :)

Can you believe that I didn't buy a single item after 3 hours of shopping? I was amazed

But look at what happen few days later....

Slip ons from URS sales

I have been eying at this Mango top for so long!!
finally bought it with the herworld
discount coupon last thurs

causal tube dress
* which I intend to wear with my many cardigans*

Isn't it good that I have done my part for the economy ?
yeah right...


The day I wore 3 layers of clothing in Singapore..........


blackespresso said...

3 layers? Not four? -chuckles-

Ok ok i'll stop being stupid :P But the drink looks so ... cute and sweet, literally!

Eileen. 静 said...

jade dear..yes 4 if u count the ahem..bra :P

yes the drink is really sweet! love it!

山龟 said...

hello hello Ms Lim, Mdm Lim is here, hehehehe