Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I really need to learn how to compartmentalize my life, my mood

Truth be told, I am not quite in the mood to blog .There are just some things I would wanna get it off my chest. Yet, my blog may not be the best place to rant about it. I am quite bothered by a few things at the moment...and these few things are enough to keep me feeling jittery . Why do such things have to befall upon us at this moment? It just adds on to the sad mood (the killings, the retrenchments, recession ) that we are going thru right now.

A couple I am quite close to is going thru a major shift in their life. I really hate seeing either one party suffer. But yet, as a friend, there is only this much I can do. Nothing can be done if one side refuse to give way or compromise.

It's suppose to be a joyous celebratory end of the year mood, but I am not feeling any of those now. I really need to learn how to compartmentalize my life, my mood.

I shall try doing that ....starting from now!~

Moving on to happier times!

Dinner last evening was at Waraku Central. It was a gathering with my poly classmates! These are the ones whom I still stay in touch with. (besides karen n chrissy). We shared many evenings in S'pore Poly many eons ago heheeh.. It was quite fun back then... kinda missed those days :(

I had the beef pot and udon, and the one below is nicole's dinner..
yeah, the dinner that she refused to finish! Chrissy brought her along and ordered the kids' set for her. For some reason only known to nicole, she insisted on eating off my bowl of udon instead of her own. She was savoring the soup like no tomorrow hhahaa.

She has been going around taking photos of Xmas decor:)
It's taking a bit more effort taking care of her these days
and it completely set me and Chrissy off :P
Really has to be firm with this little girl

We went for dessert after dinner

Say cheese!


Some random stuff....

Took this from the top floor of my flat

Here's another one ...using a different setting


Lydia said...

Wow... u guys stil keeping in touch.

Eileen. 静 said...

hahah.. well..i would say yes and no...

we last met at Agnes' wedding last year..and then that was it. Once a while Janice would forward me emails here and there..and recently she added me in facebook. I dont really keep in touch with the rest other than janice lor :P

how's things on your side.. I love to 'see' your blog... love the photos...

Lydia said...

Things are alright here, busy with the little one sometimes.
Thanks for dropped by at MK, don't drool too much ya... :D

Anonymous said...

-waits patiently for Eileen's christmas shopping posts :D-

Eileen. 静 said...

*coughcough* wow... jade is so smart..knows that i will be doing that :P~~~ ahaahha... coming up soon.. but i wouldn't post presents i bought for friends lah.. only stuff for myself :P