Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do you wanna be ignorance is bliss?? or curiosity kills the cat??

How many of you actually agree with " ignorance is bliss''? I think 'curiosity kills the cat" goes totally hand in hand with it. I was going back and forth whether to stay ignorance and blissful or to get my blissfulness "killed'' by being curious. Being cat like, I got myself wounded with the truth in the end :P

So many of us rather stay in bliss than to face the truth.. or rather, they know the truth..but chose to close their minds and eyes to it. Anyway, there are somethings that we can't stay in ignorance to, like our health status.

I haven't been feeling good for quite last week I made a trip to the polyclinic for a blood test. I never like getting a blood test; the prickling of the needle and the mild pain that comes with the agonizing wait for the results. The mystery will be solve this coming week when I make another visit to the the polyclinic. The results may well end the way I have been eating for the past months / year :P *wondering how much is my good cholesterol and bad cholesterol* or am I having blood pressure matters? Sigh.. we'll see.. ( hypertension runs in my mum's side.. )

So, for those of you who have been gorging yourself with good ( good = bad , rich, unhealthy , oily, fried, sweet, salty ) food , it's about time to pay the doc. a visit before it's too late.

Oh, don't think that just because you are slim , no weight issues, goes to the gym and exercise trillion hours a week means that you are not susceptible to any health issues. There is no surety of such things.

Okay, are u already falling asleep ? Has my entry so far bore you? Pls, you know the saying? 忠言逆耳( good advice don't come sugar coated ) I am just being concern for my good friends out there :) Take heed :)

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Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

I been to a check up before. And to my surprise, I had borderline High Blood Pressure.

I guess because both my mum and dad have it so it's hereditary.

Very hard for me to accept because I am usually active, but from then on I had to avoid a number of foods that might aggravate it.

But at least it becomes a motivation for me to exercise regularly, eat healthy, have proper rest.

At least this is something I can control, and I am sure you can too.
It is no sin to indulge once in a while just be moderate abt it.

I wish you all the best and may you live healthy ahead. :)

So when is the result of the blood test?