Monday, December 01, 2008

Of good food, good friends and good times

Don't we all wish that good times last forever? Then again, if it does, what is there for us to look forward to ?

So, here I am , all ready to tell you about my fun Friday and Saturday . Oh, but before I do that, I just wanna say thanks to all of you who assured me that my hairstyle looks good! Thanks alot!

Friday 28 Nov 08

Lunch was at Yet Con with Chrissy, Ruth and Constance :) We were the only lunch group that was eating steamboat! ahaha. It's pure good old style steamboat...kinda like one of my comfort food.

We had steamboat, half a chicken, some roast meat...and the bill came up to $14 per person..which was reasonable :]

Shan't go into details as to how we end up in the east after lunch *top secret* but thanks to Chrissy for suggesting it, we had this for dessert!

Ice creams @ Ice Cream Chef

They have special flavors such as" kaya lotee " :) I guess what makes them different from other ice cream parlors ( Udders, Island Creamry etc ) would be the add ons . You can choose to mix in treats like m n ms, reeses, oreo, mars bars etc to your ice cream . Each mix in cost $0.90 and there is no limit to the no. of mix in you can have. I actually had something similar in Taiwan last year.

the 'chef' mixing my vanilla with mars :P
not the best choice.. as it hardens after mixing :X

my combi of apple and vanilla (with mars)

Ruth & I posing with our treats :)

Nothing beats having good conversations and good company :) Looking forward to more great times with the ladies

Saturday 29 Nov 08

It started off as a lazy stay in bed saturday. But I decided to toss that idea out after flipping thru the papers as there were far too many sales going on. So off I went for my Xmas gift shopping! I joined the rest of S'pore in the national hobby and everyone seems to be out in full force doing their xmas shopping too . I felt so sorry to be saying this but despite the retrenchment, the so called recession and the killings in Mumbai, S'poreans young and old still indulged in this past time. Well, afterall we still need to boost the economy :P

I managed to get at least 60% of my gifts in this trip.. quite an achievement :P

Aren't they cute!
Happened to catch this at Centerpoint.

What's the name of this unhappy looking one?
Anyone knows?


It was almost late evening by the time I called it a day at the stores. My tummy finally complained about not feeding it food :P I had wanted to go home and order Mac :P

I totally forgot about my bunch of friends having supper/dinner at the hawker near bugis until my bus made a turn into Bras Basah Road. So I hopped off the bus and joined them instead.

We adjourned to Chijmes for drinks after food and continued our chatter from there :)

All that were present

The lovely ladies

All the gentlemen

Gabe trying to hide behind his fingers?


Jandy !!

Happy happy Birthday
We have known each other for 17 great years!
Gonna be 20 yrs soon! hahaha
Have a blast of a birthday today :)

one of my fav. photos from our trip last yr :)

Only 24 days more to Christmas

Chijmes have an interesting gate decor


naitnix said...

I think the sad guy is called MR Grumpy...

Eileen. 静 said...

oh! heeheeh.. thanks :)

yeejt said...

The sad face character is known as Mr Rude....I was there on Sunday for the show! hehehe

Eileen. 静 said...

oh! so it's mr rude .. thanks!

yeah..he does has a rude face :P

i think there is a character called Mr Grumble though :)