Monday, October 13, 2008

Phone Scam hits home! Mum though bro and I got kidnapped

There I was in the office, unpacking housekeeping items, and I heard the familiar Jay chou ringtone. I fished my phone out of my bag, it was my bro calling me.

me : yes ..what's up?

bro: hey..mum just got scammed!

me: huh! what? how?

bro: she received a scam call . You better call her and assure her that you are fine.

I called my mum instantly there after.

Me: 妈。。是我。那个人跟你说什么??

Mum: 吓死我了。他一边哭着说。。妈快来救我,快来救我。我知道是假的,但是还是紧张。

Gosh.. I asked my mum couldn't she recongized my brother's and my voice. She claimed that the person was 'crying' over the phone she got very flustered and scared, thus couldn't think straight. She did ask the person where is the location, but the person merely replied "I don't know".

To think that my who is educated , reads and watches the news daily can nearly fall for a trick like that. But of coz, she is merely concern for her children . The con men are playing up on this in the elderly will panic and might just listen to their instructions if they can't keep a straight mind . Thankfully my mum hung up on that ridiculous caller and made a call to my bro.

It's best to 'educate' your parents these days about such scammers. You just never know what will happen. Make sure your parents know your contact numbers, office numbers etc. And always make sure they double check with you on any financial matters . Well, prevention is better than cure. There has been many of such cases whereby elderly really falling for such scams. So take precautionary measures.

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