Thursday, October 09, 2008

---Of Ramen Santouka and other trivialities---

Solo lunch-- Ramen Santouka

Quiet afternoon of 2pm at Central. The small eatery was lacking of patrons except for me and another couple. I opted for a window seat, which gave me full view of the river and clark quay ..nothing senic of course. Just that it makes dining alone a tiny bit more pleasurable :P But I have always love eating alone. I have no qualms walking in alone to a restaurant ..though I wouldn't choose the crowded lunch time hour. If I wanna enjoy good food, I would want to enjoy the ambiance too..without the noise and chatter . It's nice being able to spend sometime with you and your own thoughts :)

So there.. this was my lunch...

Shio Ramen and Salmon roe rice set

The soup was good..the slices of pork ..soft and melts in your mouth but the egg was a disappointment. I was expecting the soft gooey yolk..but alas! it has solidified , they must have 'over soaked' the egg in the mixture

I am not too sure how popular is this eatery, but I heard it can get pretty crowded during meal times. The place seats roughly about 40 ? (my rough guess) at full house.

As I bend down to place my bags on the left of the table, the friendly server quietly plopped this rattan basket on my right, telling me that I can place my items in it. How nice! I have heard about this, as in having baskets to place bags, grocery bags, etc. in some high end restaurants . I just thought it was a good gesture :) Definitely score points with me :)

Menu..different ramen combinations


Mango pomelo chill dessert
I forgot to ask the lady what is that black pearl thingy
yummy though!
Chinatown point--记得吃
they have another outlet in Liang Seah Street

Mr Blue says hi to all


Latest movie watched

Eagle Eye

no big names in this production
still it was enjoyable .
i like such mystery thriller
but found the ending rather abrupt..

Gotta tell you about this website! If you are looking for tunes by some unknown musicians or self proclaimed bands, musicians etc.. take a listen at Jamendo.

There are many genres of music available .. take your pick..i am sure you'll find something you'd like. It's kinda fun going thru the various albums. Found some tunes I like and have placed a widget on the right side of my blog.. go listen :)


EP said...

Those "black pearls" are selasih (basil seeds).

Anyway, I prefer the miso ramen and karamiso ramen to the shio ramen. The miso flavour's really strong and tasty, but I guess that may not be to everyone's taste!

Eileen. 静 said...

Thanks Edwin :) now i knwo what are those tiny black pearls ..

i have no idea which soup base to i ask the lady which is their popular one and she told me shio.. may go back and try the others :) wanna try the 'cheeks' but need company! hehee