Thursday, October 09, 2008

Eileen's quirky finds on the internet...

Being on a shopping ban doesn't mean I can't window shop :P Yes..literally window in internet windows.

Look at my interesting finds!

Pretty pretty earrings from ---Tryst Jewelry

Oh yes..they do ship to S'pore.. they have many pretty pretty pieces .. *eileen shan't be tempted!*

Here's a very unique looking piece! love it.. might just get it hhahaa..found this here--Dorisworkshop
( is a great place to shop! )

Romantic necklace...

call me!'s a whimsical necklace~~~

how cute is that! From here-- shupg's Shop

wear a slice of cake! on your ears... sweet! Found it here -- A Reflection Of Principessa Twinz Studio

have you been tempted too?


Been listening to this over and over again

林峯, 泳兒- 明天以後

canto version

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