Thursday, September 04, 2008

Have you bought 月饼 Moon Cake already?

It's that time of year --Mid Autumn :] Have you bought your mooncakes yet? There are mooncake sale fair at Takashimaya event square as well as VivoCity (these two malls are the larger scale ones as compared to the other malls) . It was rather fun walking from booth to booth at Taka. Choices are wide and there are enough variety of mooncakes to even satisfy the fussiest taste bubs.

The buzz this mid autumn is still revolving around the durian mooncakes. Popular ones are Home and Goodwood park. I was tempted to buy from Home but after sampling various durian mooncakes, I might as well eat the real fruit itself :P are the two types of mooncakes I bought so far :P

The skin is very smooth ! Have to keep it refrigerated

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