Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not so frantic weekend.....

I don't seem to have much mood nor am I too enthusiastic to blog much especially after a long day these days. There isn't much I can write about of late. Social life is practically zero for the past 2 weeks;the much look forward Friday rendezvous with the girls have been put on hold due to Chrissy's window panes counting duties every afternoon. (Weee! her paid duties have ended..and we'll be going to Au Petit Salut for lunch next Friday...I can't wait!)

Putting friday lunches and my regular Wednesday music practices aside, the rest of the week is work. I love the sudden meet up with gal friends either for quick lunch or a coffee break in between work and errands. His high expectations of me at work can put me into a frenzy So a break in between is really a respite or escapade of sort for me :P

With that said, I'm sure I will have a great time with my friends at Thomas' new shop house this evening. Another chance for more photo moments and catching up after last week's performance :)

More random photos.....

I am sure some of you must have seen similar flight cases during concerts or at the backstage. These cases are good for protecting equipments. I was at St Adrian's workshop just a few days ago when i went with him to collect this pretty blue baby. The blue handle according to Adrian is at least 20 yrs old! But it looks pretty new to me :)

There's a battery inside that can power up the monitor ( for usage during shoots) Pretty cool I thought :P (the more conventional monitor is very heavy and bulky)

Eileen ate at Crazy Ang Mo

Crazy Ang Mo has been around for a yr odd. I only got to eat it recently. Many have compared it to Botak Jones. Anyway, CAM is set up by an aussie guy who's married to a Singaporean chinese lady and they have 2 kids :)

They have a numbering system. Place and pay for your order at the counter and you'd be given a receipt with your que number printed on it. Proceed to your table and wait for your que no. to be flashed on the screen. I heard that it may take awhile during peak hours :) We didn't have to wait too long before we get our food.

His Fish and Chips ($6.50)

My Chicken chop express ($4.80)
The chicken chop serving is smaller than their usual.
I wasn't very hungry thus the smaller portion .

I can't really compare CAM with B.J just after eating one item off CAM's menu. But Botak Jones definitely wins thumbs up for their fries. The fries at CAM is just normal. Will surely go back to try more of CAM. I was told to eat their lamp chop($14+) ..will do that next month.. no budget liao this month ..heheeh.. unless some kind friends treat me *wink* Chris..shall we go? :P

Crazy Ang Mo
Blk 279, Bishan St 24 #01-62

Other simple but yummy fare Eileen had for lunch

very quick lunch with Liz at Velocity foodcourt

ok..gotta run now. work and chores are calling out.

ps: I missed my secondary schoolmates reunion dinner on friday due to filming. I was too tired and lazy after a day's shoot to actually think bout the dinner. By the time we ended, it was close to 6pm. I was in jeans and sneakers.. couldn't possible show up in that. So I gave it a miss. Of coz I know I will kill myself after the group have posted up the pics on facebook. True enough, I missed out on having a great time with the girls. ARGH!!!!!!!!

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