Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Merry Making weekend n the movie --Death Race.....

I am back! Finally found the mood for some blogging :)

Where was Eileen on Saturday?
23 Aug 08

She was at the (re) opening of her friend's (Thomas) art space -artyfakt, just a stone's throw away from her place. There were singing recitals, javanese dance, and gamelan music as part of the opening program for the evening :) Ah, yes, not forgetting that Brewerkz was the sponsor for the booze that night.

Eileen got there with Kim just in time for the song and dance . She shan't go into too much details, but rather, provide readers with more photos :)

kinda ironic.. two people who doesn't drink posing
in front of the banner :P

Javanese dance by Nunuk

Some of Eileen's friends playing on Thomas' set

Fellow musicians

Yat eating his 'x' no. of éclairs!

Eileen's plate of finger food and punch
The éclairs were really good! She ate 5 of them !!
Bad bad Eileen

Oh well, somehow she much preferred the other shophouse in Geylang Lor 24. It seems more cozy back in that shophouse :) Anyway, Eileen didn't stay too long at the event. She was quite tired, so she took her leave at 8.30pm, bringing Yat along with her kekee :P *so where did they sneak off to? Padang to watch the fireworks!* Eileen just can't bear to miss it .


Sunday 24 Aug 08

Was at Ikea for dinner (had poached salmon and chicken wings!) followed by movies with him

I am usually not a fan of such hard core action movie , but this was really good ! It was a remake of an old movie, Death Race 2000 ( in the year 1975) . The racing was deathly you bet! It has a rating of NC16 . Some parts were gory and bloody. But the action was wonderful, and of coz Jason Statham ( played role of a racer turn convict) is such an eye candy :P

If you like racing games and action, I am sure you will enjoy this .


monday 25 Aug
Sakae Sushi
Eileen 'claimed' her sushi dinner as promised by someone :P
Prices have increased... normal plates are now $2.29. It has been mths since she last ate here. Sakae Sushi is like the fastfood of jap resturants

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