Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Lions Roar, Kallang Roar

Yes yes, I like complimentary tickets. This time round, it was a free screening to the upcoming local movie-- Kallang Roar.

I am sure by now you should know that the movie is about the Singapore football scene back in the late 70s, speicfically 1977, the year that the S'pore team won the Malaysia Cup after 12 yrs. The story revolves around the legendary unorthodox coach , Uncle Choo (by Lim Kay Siu) who was willing to sacrifice his welfare and health for the boys.

Despite the unknown faces of the(first time) actors.. i must say it was quite entertaining and has its high and low moments. For those who got tired of roystan tan and jack neo.. maybe u can give kallang roar a try.. i went with no expectations and got a pleasant surprise. Oh the actor , Leon Quah, who played the role of footballer, Quah Kim Song is in real life, Quah Kim Song's son :)

Go relive the glory days of the football scene and be brought back to the good old kampong days of the 70s :)

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