Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday Rendevouz-- Lunch at Au Petit Salut

Au Petit Salut

Long awaited lunch with my friday pals :)

Reservations are a must..and made one week in advance. It is really worth the wait. Lots of ladies love to dine there with friends.

We ordered the set lunch, consisting of entree, main course, dessert and hot beverage

Here are some of the items we consumed :P

Les Entree --Snails~

Another Entree --Duckie~

4 of us ordered this...moo..cow~~

~~Dessert time~~

the raspberry sorbet is s-o-u-r!! But good!

Conz giving thumbs up for her souffle/ creme brulee

A very happy Shanae

One for the album

Ps: just realised I haven't met darling Nicole in weeks. I miss her..


JT said...

Must go there one of these days. None of you tried the warm chocolate cake, with the 70% dark chocolate? That's my all time favorite dessert....

Eileen. 静 said...

oh..nice? i am not a big fan of dark choco. but wouldn't mind trying the next time :)

my friend had the Dark Chocolate Ganache..quite strong taste