Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Why did you cut your hair!??!" and other weekend crap

Thanks for all the feedback and comments on my new look :)

My family memebers kinda got a 'shock'. First thing mum said was "做什么剪到这样短'' and my bro asked what made me do that :P Grandma took awhile to comment which made me wonder if she knew it was me who returned home

The comments have so far been kind good..(friends, you guys better be honest when u see me ). Must not judge by the photos here. If not nice..must say not nice in reality okay? After all, it's only hair; it'll grow. I wouldn't kill you if you think it doesn't suit me. This only pertains to friends and online pals. can just shut up :PpP

At least I took the plunge hehe. Try it if u dare :)

Friday 17 May

The Lims were the first pals to see me in my new hairdo :) Mark said it made me look a tad younger *grins* I think Nicole was abit apprehensive when she saw me, took her awhile to realise that it was her godma. She must be wondering who on earth is that!! hahhaaa. Chrissy said I should have cut long ago hehee Thanks dear :)

Met up with them for dinner at xiao long bao. Didn't manage to take everyone's main dish.. We ordered the garlic spare ribs too.. they were good! You have to try it..

Now, tell me that she hasn't put on weight!!
Look at her cheeks! Don't you wanna pinch it :P
Didn't see her for 2 weeks n wah face so round hehe

She was prancing around as usual..
and making funny faces

Love you guys :)

She refused to put the snack down.. Blame me lor..
I bought it for her... :P


Lunch at home one afternoon

homecook Ipoh Horfun :)

Dinner one evening

Messiest burger I have ever eaten
Mos spicy burger --eat with caution, lots of spillage


Pre Great S'pore Sale Buys!

It isn't even official yet.. and I have already spend..

Watsons is having 20% discount

Shampoo for my oily, dandruff prone scalp
Gotta alternate these two shampoos..hope to see results soon
For those with condition like mine, remember to wash
your hair with COLD water. Warm water will 'open' the pores and cause
more oil production


Bag no.885 :P

Yet another Puma Tee

Giordnao Skinny
This only cost me 20 bucks! It's a steal..
but limited sizes..

the one who doesn't know how to draw eyeliner..
*help help*
In practice mode...


End note

Colorful and cute!
Nature at it's best :)


I would love to keep u in a tank...

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