Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The short hair one Indulging in a song or two

How was your extended weekend? I know some of my friends basically spend their weekend indoors, specifically lazing in their rooms at home :P I can't do that! i need to get out.. and indeed, I was out on Vesak day :)

It has been such a long long long time since I sang . Was asked along to join Chris' church mates for a singing session at the newly opened Kbox at Kallang Leisure. Pity I didn't get to walk around the mall as we were there mainly for Kbox . I wonder how is the biz there during the weekdays as the place isn't really that accessible. Hopefully it will draw the crowds with all the entertainment establishments such as the ice skating ring, cinema as well as the ktv .

As usual it isn't really easy singing in a group since we have to wait for our turns .. Chris and I intended to book a room of our own, but to no avail as they were running on full house, and only could give the group a big room. Still, despite it all, it was still fun and I managed to sing a few of my fave. songs . Didn't take many photos.. here's some of them :) *strange, where are our pics, chris?..in your camera? *

xiaojing晓静 and xiaoyun小云 :)
A very warm, friendly girl whom I
have no prb getting along with :)

Do you know that Nicole's chinese name is 妍君(yan jun) ? Nice ya? very 古典(classic)
I bet most of you should know by now that it is a must to be armed with a jacket or sweater whenever you're visiting Kbox for a song or two.. they are well known for freezing your ass off :P

Posing with a snack .. eat and eat..

We were all pretty reluctant to leave after our session has expired. Singing is just very therapeutic .. to me of coz. It seems that you are being transported into the world of the music video and the song itself and you lost yourself in it for that duration. I love that.

Our tummies were growling after leaving kbox, and with Geylang just a stone's throw away, naturally we opted to have our dinner there. After much tribulation We finally settled down at 揾到食 * Wan dou sek , 126 * for dim sum. Used to frequent this place with him.. and found the food yummy.

Here's some of the food we ordered yesterday :) There were more.. but busy eating lah.

Century egg porridge-- nice nice.. alot of century egg

Fried Tofu 招牌炸豆腐
the salad dressing goes well with the tofu

chee chong fun猪肠粉
我喜欢!very different from the rest.

The rest doesn't know how to eat this 'delicacy '
好容易哦! 送入嘴里慢慢的啃!
The sauce is good, lots of garlic , though on the sweet side

She insisted on having her own drink...
green tea no less.. She wants her way liao..
started to voice out her 'opinions' :X

"Godma..take me and my porridge!"


Another therapeutic activity --grocery shopping
It seems that the strange forces just makes me buy more stuff whenever I push the cart around the aisle in the supermarket . I just wanna fill it up to the brim! hhahaa.



okk..that's all for now..
smile..have faith in yourself..
(That's like a reminder for myself)

ps: Can't help declaring my love for this R & B song
Sang by a talented upcoming Hk singer

愛在 - 方大同
曲: 方大同 詞: 周耀輝

買了菜 她跟他慢慢的炒著菜
愛無處不在 可是呼之卻不來
小陽臺 她拿走死掉的小盆栽
愛無處不在 可是到處有悲哀

就算百步以外總有愛在 愛在

不能明白 只能夠期待

那是愛 到頭來也發現這是愛
流淚的 微笑的 都是愛
管它好與壞 總是呼之卻不來
雪花白 永遠都渴望看桃花開
在何年何代 總是到處有悲哀

就算百步以外總有愛在 愛在


我的女孩 你快走過來
愛在期待 (愛在 愛在)
我們無處不在 愛*

不能明白 只能夠期待

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