Sunday, March 09, 2008

第一诫 Rule #1

I caught this movie on Friday *sneak preview at Lido * with mr A.

Rule #1-- there are no ghosts

This movie was totally shot in HK , featuring Shawn Yue , Ekin Cheng , Che Wan Wan( saw her in a few HK dramas) n Fiona Xie. If you have been following Kelvin Tong's productions, this is somewhat unlike the rest. My fav. kelvin tong film would have been Eating Air, from yrs ago :P That of coz is of a different genre from Rule #1

This movie has the typical spooky ghostly elements such as long hair.... blood... possessions and no lack (overdosed) of eerie sound effects and music. Of coz scare tactic was evident in the movie too. ( I didn't scream...but kinda covered my eyes in one or two scenes which I found hard to stomach )

Other than that, I would say that the storyline was easy to understand and really great twist to the plot near the end !

Shawn Yue was a delight to look at with his good looks. He and Ekin both played roles of policemen being deployed to the Misc. dept as they both can see ghosts. Their main job is to eliminate the ghosts and to cover up such cases. Ekin actually put on 10 kg for his role ( very laid back guy with lots of baggages as well as a drunkard ) We were kinda surprised to see him so 'fat' .But kudos to him.. the extra kgs really fit the role well.

Fiona Xie was Shawn's wife in the movie ..basically not really a big role.. nothing much to say about her acting..though the dubbing of her voice (movie originally in Cantonese ) in Mandarin sucks. We all know how husky her real voice is..hahahaah..but in the movie..the voice was too sweet :P

One of the theme of the movie.. never assume just base on the things you see.. We make assumptions way too easily and the truth is usually not what we expect.

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ShiChen said...

lol fiona xie must be thinking of going global the way fann wong did. i heard that the next local actor to star in a Hollywood movie is edmund chen. cant remember what show though.