Sunday, March 09, 2008

The one @ Minori with facebook friends :)

How can my blog be without food pics for so long rite? Hurhur :P Yeah... this post is nothing short of it!

I missed out on the last dinner gathering with the Facebook bunch, so it has been quite sometime since I last met some of them. I was made to organised the event last night. Things went quite okay I guess. We came together and feasted on jap food at Minori (UE Square) .

I have heard and read good reviews on this place, however, with my own experience last night, I would say it wasn't as fantastic as I thought it would be . Perhaps it's because the place was running on full house during weekends. If you really wanna dine there, go during the weekdays. Some of the food served to us were cold.. no, i don't mean cold soba. I meant like beef teppanyaki. It was like the food was left in the open for awhile :/ Oh well.. otherwise, some of the food was pretty decent. Still, personally I wouldn't wanna go back there..unless I want to eat endless sashimi :P ( me really bo hua lah.. I can't eat much at one sitting )

the belly is so good...full of fats hhahaa
( i had one stick if that is of any consolation :P )

With Vel and Sharon :)


i was seated in between Alvin and Chris *not in the pic*

That's Ros, Jason and Yeechong

Group pic


吃饱了!After dinner and bidding goodbye to some of our friends, the 10 of us had a difficult time decided where to go for coffee :P So we just roam around Robertson area and wow..little did I know how much the place has changed.

That will be the next place to go for desserts and drinks. (Alvin , Jandy..shall we? hehe...yeah..Chrissy..let's go for chocolate desserts :P ) Sadly, the place we wanted to go to was full in the was Coffee club at Hotel Rendezvous (3 guys transport wasn't a problem) . Yes, there were enough seats for us..albeit al fresco with little or no cool air :/
I was separated from the 2 other ladies, and got stuck at the guys corner hahaa. So all the stupid jokes were targeted at me. oh well -_-''

We called it a night at 11.30pm..and it was home sweet home thereafter .

Alvin :)

Gab fiddling with the phone.
Oh yes , it was gadget talk

posing with my strawberry smoothie

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