Saturday, March 22, 2008

Of Marutama Ramen on Good Friday

Friday 21st March
Good Friday

I was joined by Liz, Gautum, Andrew (who initially wanted 放飞机 on us ) and Ivan for dinner last night at The Central.

This ramen joint is one of the few places I have yet to try at the Central, and I have heard so much rave about yeah, why not .

It's a very simple concept; come in, sit down, decide on one of the 4 ramen available (easy to make decision since there are only 4! ) Each bowl of noodles come with one slice of charsiew and lots of spring onion. You can choose extra toppings such as the popular ajisuke tamago (seasoned half boiled egg) or more char siew to go with your ramen. There wasn't any que when we were there...possibly because we got there pretty early, about 6.30pm.

Don't be surprise if u have to que for a table as this place has only about 50-60 seats (including the counter seats..overlooking the kitchen )


The menu

the selection of ramen ( pardon the spot there.. )
the 4th ramen isn't in this menu..

this is the 4th ramen (Liz was the only one who ate this :P )
The broth was okay, but not as flavorful as the chicken one

The rest of the us ate this! Love it.
You may think that the broth looks harmless...not spicy..
but hehee..hold your horses... go easy on the first spoonful

The popular eggy! how apt for it's easter week :P
I love the taste and the runny texture

The counter seatings...

Marutama Ramen
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street

: 6534-8090


It was off to ECP for drinks after dinner. It feels nice to be with friends , chatting over drinks.

(that's not my beer.. it's just for show :P )

Candid shot of Liz :)

The 'white rose' Andrew folded


Julian said...

Awwww that's so sweet of Andrew to make you a paper rose *chuckles*

Sheesh! That Beer looks so enticing....*sniff*

Eileen. 静 said...

Duh...that flower wasn't meant for me lah.. he just folded it with a napkin on the spot.. just for fun :)