Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nicole the impish turns Three!!

Hello Everyone !!

I am Nicole Lim and I have hijacked my godmother's blog for one day (giggles)

Did you know that I just turned 3 yrs old yesterday?? Mummy bought me this very very long flowy dress that made me look like a princess! It was great being a princess and all the jie jies n kor kors said I looked pretty :)

It's strange though, coz there are no kids at my party yesterday hehee. But I think Maria jie jie can be a kid...I like her coz she always plays like a kid with me. So, all those who were present were mummy and daddy's friends. Godma was there too!

You wanna see me in my princess dress now? Okay..i show u.

I am dancing!
This is my brand new chiffon n satin princess dress!

I love birthdays! I get to receive many many presents and gong gong, por por and mummy prepared lots of yummy food

There's chicken and two kinds of
fried noodles..

Also got 3 different kinds of sinful fried items
Godma loves the potato prawn nuggets below.

I started the party by doing a magic show.. I am quite good at it ! Watch me as I ripped apart the wrappers to reveal the mystery presents!

Quite a natural at this ..easy peasy!

Soon after the adults have eaten their was once again
ME Time!!
I am the star of the night!

Godma jazzed up my photos :)

My yummy chocolate fudge cake from Secret Recipe

I love you daddy and mummy


Taking photo with Dennis kor kor, 阿姨,
mummy , godma and Maria 姐姐

Hey...can u see the baby doll at the side?
Yah! 公公 bought it for me! She can drink water from
a bottle and also can pee! Yes! so fun right? I can get to
change her diapers !

Godma gave me a red packet :)

I really had a very wonderful time yesterday, thanks to everyone who cares and loves me!!


Julian said...

Happy Birthday Nicole *tiny bear hugs*

Anonymous said...

Nicole is so adorable :p

And that's a lot of presents!

ShiChen said...

Hmmm she's about the same age as my niece lol

incognito said...

wow the princess is as cute as the godmother lol