Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How long does Nuffnang really takes to process payment?

I am really wondering how long do they take to process the cheques for payment. I would suppose that it is handled by some banks. Let's see.. it is already the 4th of March and my request date for payment was like way back on the 15th of January. That's like 7 weeks already. It was mth end just few days ago...I hope the cheques have been send out..or in the process of being send out.

It is not that I am hard up for payment..the amount at most is just enough to cover a mth's worth of internet bills. Nevertheless, money is money. I would still like to be paid for putting up those few mths worth of advertising. I did send an email to the admin already. I guess I can only just cross my fingers and toes and wait for the cheque to arrive.

For those of you who have received payments , how long does it take? If this is the norm..then I guess I just have to wait.. :X


Calvin Mad said...

In the past it takes 30 days. Now it takes forever. To them, maximising cash flow means they get paid more. Especially when they learnt a hard lesson in the beginning when they found themself having to "pay out of their own pocket" as so they shouted across the entire blogosphere, thinking that it is an amazing thing that they had did. As if the money to start this business wasn't out from their own pocket.

Boss Ming said...

Hi Eileen,

I was surprised to seee your post on innit.

Nuffnang prides itself in paying promptly. 30 days for gliteratti and 60 days for non glitterati (More or less).

I have checked, and confirmed that your cheque was sent out on 20th February. Your cheque number is 183337.

Do let us know via the SG HELPDESK, if you have not recieved this yet. This is the proper channel fo communication and you risk your grievances not being heard if you do not use it.

Thank you.