Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Crazy Christmas concert :)

Tuesday 04 Nov
Drama Center

Yoohoo....I am back from a Crazy Christmas concert :) Thanks to Chrissy for the complementary tickets :) This also marks Nicole's first concert ever in her life..hehee. Dear Nic sat through out the whole 90 mins. program. She was so delighted to see so many xmas trees on stage and like us, she enjoyed the songs too :)

It was a wonderful concert , full of christmasy tunes, and a handful of ever green favorites , put together by the lovely gang such as Selena Tan, Hossen Leong, Pam Oei , Tan Kheng Hua, Lim Yu Beng etc from Dream Academy. Kheng Hua's 9 yr old daughter, Shi An made a special appearance too! It was a joy listening and watching her sing with her mum on stage :)

Poor Sebastian Tan somehow injured his left arm and was on stage in a arm sling. But that didn't stop him from giving his best. His rendition was one of the highlights of the night...leaving everyone in laughter and wanting more from him :) Truly a hokkien beng .

Dick lee's brother, John lee was part of the cast too. Another good looker with soothing voice :P

Oh, forgot to mention that we were seated way in front! heheh..the forth row, by the side... close enough to see the cast .

Selena is another of my fav :) She's good I tell you, managed to tell the nativity story with tunes from les miserable and sound of music :)

Oh well.. enough of rattle from me.. all I can say is that I truly enjoyed this concert. Yeah, kinda reminds me that it's only 20 days to Christmas! Time to do x'mas shopping :)

A Crazy Christmas ends on this Sunday. Click here for more information.

Nicky and the raindeer at the foyer :)

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