Thursday, October 18, 2007

Top 5 popular *must have* applications on FaceBook

These are my favorite and awfully popular among facebook users :)

In random order :--

No. 1

I can't get enough of these cute icons :) hi five , use force, throw a cow, slap, poke, pinch, kiss... do all these and more with superpoke :P

No. 2

Hatching eggs and grow a gift

send your friends some weird plants and cute animals

No. 3

Fluff friends :) Here's mine.. a polar bear :)

No. 4


Mine gets attack pretty frequently... -_-''

No. 5


This is fun as u are able to draw, sent videos and pics to your friends

1 comment:

mrsc said...

Come take on my werewolf :P

Its almost to the next level fire werewolf lo ^^