Monday, September 03, 2007

The one who got lured to Puma sales

Saturday- 01/09/07

And so I was late for mahjong with the gang on Saturday afternoon all because of the Royal Sporting House sale just minutes from where I was. Was lured there and hence mahjong was kinda delayed for almost an hour :P ( was pretty anxious and waited for like eternity for a cab -_-'' ) I think it's the Murphy's law at was one of those times when 'what can go wrong, will go wrong".

Do you realised whenever you are rushing for time--there are no cabs to be found, you get stuck in the traffic, all traffic lights turn red, the bus travelling at snail's pace. I get one or two of these everytime I am late :P How about last Saturday you asked? Sure.. I got red lights at all the traffic junctions and more. How about a funeral procession? I guess that really can't be help . I was looking at the cab meter... it increased with every of my heart beat hahaha. Sigh, so much for me and my bad time management

The sale was a good one I must say. Prices for the Puma causal range of shoes were slashed by almost 50-60 %. I was actually hunting for a pair of jogging track shoes. I spotted a darling from afar..but to my dismay, the tag on the display pair says "LP" no no..! Not that! It means last pair *giggles* So I have no luck with the shoes. But look what I bought ...quite happy with them~! Oh, got my brother a teeshirt as well (not in the pics)

Puma fabric wallet

Two tees

Melissa jelly sandals
(dunno how many seasons back
but doesn't matter, it was priced at $10!
i just had to buy it :P )


My dear brother was away in Cambodia for ten days (work and leisure) , and he got me some 小礼物 (he always will when ever he travels to nearby SEA countries). He took almost 1000 pictures, and the weather there is quite harsh..he got burned pretty badly *ouch* He visited this place which used to be a concentration camp (during the Khmer Rouge regime in the 70s ) -- Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.

Can't imagine how life was like there ..the museum showcased photos and tools which were used to torture the captives. Some of the photos were gruesome, depicting the aftermath of a tortured captive. Did I mention about the human skulls kept in cabinets? My bro didn't feel good there.

Cambodian alphabets ..look very much like the Thai ones :P
The thai alphabets were sort of derived from the Khmer ones


mrsc said...

where is the rsh sale ._.

I want some adidas apparel :/

Julian said...

And you didn't get anything for me? *blinks* ha ha Nice wallet!

Eileen. 静 said...

Ju-- *blink blink* oh... dunno your size mah... :pPpP solly hor.. the sale 2 days only.. sat and sun .. at the why pay more outlet along machperson. i heard they have it pretty look out for the the papers. they published on sat and sun .