Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dempsey Hill

It's a gem! Great place at the moment,before it starts to get crowded to spend a quiet evening with a loved one or some close friends. It's a blessing that it is away from the city lights and busy roads. Getting there shouldn't be of an issue if you have your own transport. As for walking in from the main road, I wouldn't say impossible.. though it may be rather warm in the day time and pretty dark and quiet at night to do so. It is just a stone's throw from Orchard, so one can just pop by for a drink or meal after some shopping. Oh, may be kinda troublesome getting out of the place if you don't drive. Most probably have to resort to calling a cab :)

I would love to return to Dempsey soon in the day time. The surrounding is serene and peaceful.

Drinks at Quaruba'r

Nothing fantastic about this place..
we kinda regretted...should have pop by Harry's instead

Chrissy and Me

The fountain

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