Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tag board--good or bad??

I guess now I know why some bloggers refuse to install tag board. Looks like I really need to do a review on this issue. It has been bothering me for quite awhile. I can't sit on it too long..

There are pros and cons in having a tag board around. But lately, there seems to be more cons on having one.

Time for a change... maybe removing it would do more good. Still that doesn't stop those with a foul mouth or should I say , foul net etiquette to stop providing me with some form of 'entertainment ' in my blog. They just keep coming back! Oh well! I will monitor the situation for the time being


Sentosa Girl said...

Perhaps you wanna change to Wordpress? you can block those who jus loves to spam ur blog wif rude comments?

ET said...

Go to your tagboard control panel... click ban user. I do that all the time.

Eileen. 静 said...

sentosagirl-- yeah, i did thought about ..if i didn't move over, i may just install haloscan.

et-- i did that :P haha. but i think cbox don't work for me.. it didnt successfully ban or block those people despite the fact that they used the same ip add.