Saturday, August 18, 2007

Of Fireworks, shopping items n Century Egg Tofu!

I received a phone call from a certain someone earlier in the day, and somehow my mood took a dip. I am tired of it all..I finally told this person. It has been long overdue. I should have voiced it out much earlier, still, better late than never.

Thankfully I felt so much better when I joined few hundred other fireworks lovers at the Padang! I was kinda reluctant to jostle with the crowd at first , since I would be alone afterall, but after I was done with my stuff at Bugis, so I decided to pop by . I was there last yr for the festival too with my brother. Watching the fireworks with the crowd was great : )

For those who missed it today 17 Aug, there will be another one tomorrow Sat,18 Aug (about 9pm) at the Marina floating platform area. The Padang would be a good venue to watch it , unless you decide to join the mad human crowd at the esplande, bear in mind you have to be there super early to get a good spot. One thing though, the low range fireworks cannot be seen at the Padang.. I heard another good spot would be Marina sq food court :P

Okay, so much for that.. here's some photos *taken from clubsnap*
Lovely isn't it!!

I may pop by this place tomrow nite! I know where this photo was taken from ..u guys go figure out :P


random postings of my recent spendings

Red-Zara, Grey-G2oooblu

Shorts and cropped pants from G2oooblu


Ate at Hamoru Japanese Restaurant
( Suntec Food Republic )

I finally found my Century Egg Tofu!!! I have been looking for this dish high and low at all the Japanese food establishments I go to. I poured over their menus, only to be disappointed time and time again. Aiyo, I was so happy when the waitress recommended me this dish!~ The other restaurant which I first tasted this is at Otori , located at Gillman Village. I don't have to travel all the way there now! *big grin*

The other must try dish at Hamoru is the Shiok Maki *oops, I called it salmon roll*. It is actually grilled eel and rice wrapped with slices of roasted salmon, and generously sprinkled with crab roe. It is really good :) The prices are reasonable and they have a wide variety , from noodles, to sushi, to sashimi ( thick pieces!) , bento sets etc . I even heard the waitress telling the customers at the next table that they will be bringing in whale sperm :P (not for the faint hearted) No, I wouldn't be trying that ! hahaha. I am not fear factor material

Read about the review of Hamoru at AsiaOne Wine and dine

Ooops, quite a long post. Look at the time! Ciao now.


et said...

I want century egg porridge!!


I give this event a miss this year. Joining the crowd is just not so me.

Hope the fireworks are much better than last years.

Eileen. 静 said...

hi Jie!

sadly, i think last yr's was better . nevermind, it's still fun watching it up close!


i love that too :) crystal jade's my fav

Cool Insider said...

Thanks for popping by Cooler Insights! Great idea to watch the Fireworks at the Padang too, which offers a different perspective. In previous years, we used to catch it at one of the following ways:

1) Driving an a snail's pace along Benjamin Sheares Bridge (with the fear of bring chased by TP)

2) Standing along Fullerton area

3) Packing it in with the rest at Esplanade.

This year, thought that we should experience it upclose at the floating platform. Agree that last year's seems to be better, or it could be also a gradual dulling of the senses as we watch this repeatedly.

Eileen. 静 said...

I was at another location last nite :P

apparently lots of others know of that place too.. but i had a good view nevertheless :)