Sunday, August 12, 2007

Island Creamey

I was oblivious to this ice cream 'stall' right next to the 7-11 , opposite of Mac at the basement of Centerpoint. Gosh, I mean I have heard of Island Creamey for the longest time but just never got the chance to eat it. Yes, never quite made it all the way to Serene Center i don't hang out there..

I was quite surprise and pleased when my eyes spotted the stall yesterday as I walked in to the basement (was going to hair inn for my haircut). I knew I just had to eat it hehe :) And so, there I was talking to the nice lady and I asked what were their popular flavors. Teh terik and pulut hitam, she replied. Like most ice cream stalls these days, they do allow sampling. So i tried the pulut hitam..and it tasted sweet ..but I wasn't swoon over by it since I am not a big fan of the black rice :P

My eyes were darting around..looking at the interesting varieties, such as holicks, kalua latte, soursop etc. Then I decided to try very berry..and yeah, I was bought over by this. It isn't overly sweet, and has real fruits in it, albeit kinda frozen. Best of all, the price was far too "reasonable'' scoop going for $2.50 . The lady was quite generous ..I had a big one scoop! *tee hee hee *

As with all desserts, it is best eaten with friends :) Shall we go to Bukit Timah soon? Or perhaps I shall just be contented with the little stall in Centerpoint for the time being :)

Island Creamery

1F Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene
S 258748

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
Tel: 6468 8859

Centerpoint Basement
Next to 7-11

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